martes, 24 de enero de 2012

The right one

How do we know we have met the right person? How can we be sure? No guarantees, of course. But there must be a way to know that the quest is over, or else we would be all the time feeling something is missing, dropping people because they do not fit as a glove, in the belief that there must be somebody out there who does. So... how do we know?  "You will", would asseverate grandma with a smile.
I've tried setting a protocol, but not many are willing to follow all the steps. I've tried letting it be, but it leads to much confusion: "what are we heading for?" (the answer turned out to be scary sometimes). So far, I don't have a clue. Maybe the right person has already passed me by. Maybe I'll meet them soon, or perhaps I never will. And what if  we are not even in the same continent?

 A veces a La Maga se le da por expresarse en lenguas extrañas. Otras veces, se le da por hacer preguntas difíciles. El problema es cuando combina ambas cosas, y ahí sí que no sé qué decirle...

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